Till Kopper:
A fat sound and digital waveforms rumble the walls and let the tweeters ring.

Waldorf (1995):
The WAVE is an instrument that inspires an emotional reaction from all who encounter it."
The word "compromise" used in conjunction with the WAVE is a contradiction in terms."

Keyfax Omnibus Edition by Julian Colbeck (MixBooks USA 1996, ISBN 0-918371-08-2):
"Gorgeous instrument with large highly tactile control panel and presently available in a range of colors and polyphonies. Had difficult birth but produces PPG-like sounds in a inimitable but vaguely modern fashion. Big, boisterous, in permanent multitimbral mode, expensive, fairly complex to operate (rem: ???)."
Under the small pic:"World´s most beautiful synth? The wondrous WAVE from Waldorf"

Review by Drew Neumann (drooo@earthlink.com):
"Speaker destroying bottom end. The best user interface this side of the 1980s. Very unique sounding and versatile. Everything the Matrix 12 should have been. The synth I would want to be left stranded on a desert Island with."
"I can't think of any synth I love more. It has its flaws, but the perfect synth has never been invented. Waldorf was extraordinarily brave to make a product which must be very difficult to manufacture. They spared no expense in making it a professional instrument. It is quiet, clean, full, beautiful ,and oddly enough easy to use (even though it is a very complex instrument). It is the only Polyphonic synth that comes close to a modular in flexibility, and like a modular, you always think of new things to do with it."


From Waldorf´s internet pages:

Der WAVE ist zweifellos das imposanteste, ausdrucksstärkste und bedienfreundlichste Synthesewerkzeug auf dem Markt. Bereits in seiner Basisversion besitzt es einen solch individuellen und druckvollen Charakter, daß selbst verwöhnteste Profimusiker sich immer wieder zu Begeisterungsstürmen und Liebeserklärungen hinreißen lassen. Sie können Ihren Wave nach Ihren ganz persönlichen Ansprüchen fertigen lassen. Sie erhalten dann Ihr Unikat des WAVE, selbstverständlich mit der Option, auch zukünftige Hardware-Erweiterungen zu integrieren.

Custom Line

optional upgrades

You may order your WAVE with 76 keys instead of the 61 keys standard. A special flight case is included.
WAVE shadow with 76 keys
WAVE MoreKeys Shadow coloured

The Plus16 upgrade gives you 16 more voices. You may install 2 Plus16 upgrades inside your WAVE to play 48 voices. This gives you the power of 96 oscillators, 96 wavetable generators and 48 multimode filters inside this soundmachine.
voice expansion cards
Voice cards of a Plus16 (4 x4 voices) + additional CPU

Do you like to be different? If you don´t want to have your WAVE blue, ask for one of these different color themes:
  • Cadmium: red
  • Shadow: black
  • Sahara: yellow
Sahara WAVE
Sahara farbener WAVE
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Cadmium WAVE
Cadmium coloured WAVE

All Pictures © by Waldorf GmbH !
Except for the picture of the Sahara coloured WAVE © by Keyboards